Personal Instruction

Whether individual or group, tailored instruction will be determined based on conversation that we have by email and phone. Depending upon your level of experience and knowledge, I will custom tailor your instruction to fit your individual, or groups, goals and needs!


Instruction will be centered around 5 basic categories

  1. The Coyote: traits, characteristics, field observations, general biology.
  2. Apps & Cameras: Landglide, Weatherspark and Spartan
  3. Equipment I use: KO K9 Extreme, shredding equipment, set tools, freeze-proof covering
  4. Baits Lures & Urines: dispersal, types, recommendations of the best I have found and why you switch up all of these every year.
  5. Yearly Preparation: Traps, Coverings, Dyes and Wax, Lures and Baits

Instruction from UrbanCoyoteSolutions
It’s all about safety and catching all the coyotes in a family group. This is fantastic instruction for those of you wanting to do control work but also is just as informative and effective for those of you trapping coyotes for fur. When you’re able to focus and create a strategy to catch all coyotes in a family group, in a specific area, it will make a good Coyote trapper, even better!

-The Alpha female is the most important coyote within a family group to remove, and in doing so, all others will follow-